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Privacy Policy

Nairobiraha.com understand the concerns that you have about your privacy and we also respect the right to protect your personal information while online . We will therefore NOT share personal information with third parties other than users of this site. We will also NOT sell, trade, share, submit, or otherwise give your email address to any party for other reason UNLESS where required to do so by law.

However, our site is designed to allow user to post photograph and information about themselves for public review and comment. Consequently, by submitting your personal information, photograph or other information on this site, you then waive any privacy expectations you have with respect to our use of your photograph or personal information provided to us for usage ON THIS SITE ONLY. As such, information you input on this site will NOT be availed to other party offering dating or similar services.

For the full privacy members their information and photograph will be directly to us and will not be administered or disclosed to any third party. We will provide them with correspondent profile when available. We can not transfer your information to unaffiliated third parties, our role is to deal with members only except when we organize parties, forums etc. that we are open to members and non members.

The member who joins in the full privacy members will access our site to interact with administered members and we will provide for them correspondence or computable profile of other full privacy members if available.

We will not disclose information of our full privacy members without their consent to non officiated third party.
Full privacy members will be assisting to organize single club parties, forum and conferences they can decide to keep their ticket for the next organized event if the design profile is not available in the participant’s profiles.

We do not guarantee that you will find your soul mate by participating to organized events.


  • The user of the services offered on this site will provide us with his genuine information’s and photographs to enable us to advertise except for full privacy members who will send it direct to us not to be advertised by our service.
  • We reserve the right to advertise your information all over the world by using any kind of advertisement without your consent.
  • You will not intentionally post photograph or information that are against any culture or religious believe if in doing so you aim to offend, mislead, disrespect or otherwise harbour malicious intent against such culture(s) or religion(s) 
  • You WILL NOT post information, photograph or information of third parties even if the user is a family member, friend or sex partner without their consent or if in doing so you intend to cause harm to such persons or impersonate such persons for reasons unknown to them or, if known, that contravenes any international or resident country law.
  • Your profile information will not contain information contrary to our terms and conditions.
  • Information posted SHOULD not be related to individuals less than 18 years of age, as we do not provide that service. As such, any information posted of persons under the age of 18 will be removed on detection and any persons KNOWINGLY engaging such persons will be removed from the site and any money paid lost. 
  • For counseling, you will contact management directly without posting your problem to any third party.
  • You also agree not to post or submit any content that;
  1. Encourages or otherwise depicts your drug use (including alcohol and cigarettes) or encourages any person(s) into engaging into drug use.
  2. Characterizes violence as acceptable, glamorous or desirable or information which in any way advocates for, supports or incites violence of any kind against any person(s), association of persons, organizations, legal ebtities, companies, countries, races
  3. Contains any of your personacontact information other than your email address. We will not have obligation to add any content that you or anyone else submits
  4. In additions we may, at our sole and unfethered discretion, edit, remove or delete any content that you post or submit without neccesarily giving reasons for such actions or warranting any explanations.