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  • SP-Shark..Boost penis size
    KES 3,800.00

    After taking our SP-SHARK penis enlargement pills you will feel much better and more secure about yourself. No more being shy of your manhood in the showers after gym or in public toilets. Forget about your partner faking her orgasm or not being able to please her. You will be able to penetrate deeper so your partner will experience more pleasure as well as multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse. You can also forget about losing your erection in the middle of sexual intercourse, as SP SHARK will keep it strong and firm. You will have stronger ejaculations that bring you greater orgasms. Recent discoveries in herbal science have shed new light on the subject of penis enlargement. Research has revealed that your penis has the ability to grow beyond its current size when fully erect. Like all the other muscles in your body, your penis is actually designed to grow! SP-SHARK delivers results that are safe and permanent. When you reach the growth size that you want to achieve, you no longer need to take SP-SHARK.

  • Normal Rabbit Vibrator
    KES 10,500.00

    The advantage feature of this rabbit vibrator is that the clitoral teaser can be removed and given for your partner. It has a comfortable ring so can be put on your partner’s penis. Or your can use this sympathetic rabbit toy as your special zones stimulator. Put it on your nipples or have a new experience in your anus. The vibrating device is made of excellent new material, that is latex and phthalate-free. Control panel is built in the body of penis and clitoral arouser and provides easy control of its 5 functions and multitudinous speed levels. Playing with this toy by solo or with your lover – the orgasmic bliss is always grand