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  • Femina Tea
    KES 2,500.00

    Female libido enhancer tea for female. It helps in cases of hormonal imbalance, painful menses, heavy bleeding & backache.

  • Tummy Trimmer
    KES 3,500.00

    Better way of reducing the tummy in 10 days, best if taken in the even

  • Hips Booster
    KES 3,000.00

    This Hips Booster herbal supplements is taken for 10 days,they are available in form of Gel and Tablets,They help in broadening your hips and thus getting the real african woman shape.Works in days and no side effects

  • Double Dong Dildo
    KES 6,300.00

    Unique design of this sex toy allows you to get a variety of sexual pleasures. 18'' AC/DC Double dong has two endings both designed for penetration. One of the sides is 1.5 inches wide, whereas the other is 1.25. The thinner side is smooth and the thicker is textured. Choose one and enjoy fantastic internal massage!

  • Blue latex slip on tool
    KES 9,500.00

    Enjoy the advantages of these magic panties that contain two bullets delivering a variety of pleasant vibrations for both partners and the latex 5 inches slender cock for vaginal or anal pleasures. This sex toy allows double pleasure for both partners at the same time

  • Jelly Twist Vibrating Arouser
    KES 6,500.00

    Jelly Twist Vibrating Arouser is an attractive classic vibrator which features 5 vibrating speed levels and 5 pulsating functions. This sex toy was made from an environmentally safe and phthalates free material, due to which a shaft of the vibe is silky smooth and agreeable to the touch. Just the first meeting with this vibrator will fill your heart with joy and your body with pleasurable languor of siesta at hot summer afternoon.

  • Futurotic EZ Bend Stud Dong
    KES 5,100.00

    Futurotic EZ Bend Stud Dong is a sex toy of your dream! Created in a life-like design this vibrator is also flexible for you to find the angle you need for climaxing! The shaft of this erotic accessory is soft and very pleasant in touch and features a natural texture and realistically made head. This vibe can work under the water due to its waterproof mechanism and requires 3 AAA batteries. You can use this vibrating device for stimulating any erogenous zones in you or your lover during solo or partner love play

  • All American Man Vibrator
    KES 7,000.00

    Have you ever wished to find yourself in bed with a very attractive, handsome and famous man? Sure, you have

  • G-Spot Finder
    KES 12,000.00

    This gorgeous rabbit vibrator features swirling pearls that massage the vaginal walls as the tip of the shaft massages the instant orgasm button, your G-Spot! That, along with the clitoral stimulator, will take you right to the very edge of ple